Seeing is Believing: Training in Videotaping Strategies to Improve Parenting

BEDFORD, NH - During a two-day training on June 13 to 14, 2013 expert family support provider, Marti Erickson, enlightened a group of nearly 30 NH home visitors and parent educators on the usage of video as a family support tool.

"Speaker was fantastic. She was knowledgable, interesting, and gave relevant information and examples." 

-Training Attendee

Seeing is Believing® is a unique practice that helps parents increase their sensitivity and responsiveness to their babies' and toddlers' cues by using a filming strategy. Through filming and guided viewing, Seeing is Believing® promotes perspective-taking by giving parents a chance to see, from the camera’s point of view, what happens between them and their baby. We have found video technology to be a remarkable tool in helping moms and dads gain new insight into their child's feelings and behavior.

The primary goal of using filming is to promote the parents’ self-observation and reinforce their growing knowledge of and sensitivity to their babies. Using the video as a self-observation tool, we present parents with a way of seeing themselves and their babies from a new vantage point. We urge parents to see their own strengths and those of their babies, and encourage them to consider their infant’s perspective as they interact with them. The parent keeps the video as a documented memory of the baby’s development.

This training was FREE for home visitors and parent educators due to underwriting from the NH Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health Services, Maternal and Child Health Section.   However, seats are limited.   

"I intend to try using video recording with some families.  I entered the training with a sense that this would not work with my program or the families that I see, but the training was useful in changing some of my perspectives on the benefits, and responding to some of my concerns."

-Training Attendee

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About the Trainer, Marti Erickson

Martha Erickson - Former Director, Harris Programs; Former Co-Chair, President's Initiative on Children, Youth, & Families, University of Minnesota; founding Director of the Children, Youth, & Family Consortium; founding Director of the Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Certificate Program

Having served as the founding Director of the University of Minnesota's Children, Youth, & Family Consortium (1991 to 2003), Marti Erickson directed the Harris Programs for CEED until June 2008 and co-chaired the President's Initiative on Children, Youth and Families. A developmental psychologist and professor in both Child Psychology and Family Social Science, Marti specializes in linking research, practice, and policy in the areas of parent-child attachment, child abuse prevention, and children's mental health. With Byron Egeland, Marti developed the STEEP program, a preventive intervention program for parents and infants, and the Seeing Is Believing® video strategy for working with parents and infants, and she oversees training for both of those programs.

Marti's publications include many scholarly articles and books as well as a syndicated parenting column Growing Concerns. Since 1995, Marti also has appeared regularly as the child and family expert on KARE-TV's (NBC) Today Show and Sunrise Show and, with her daughter, hosts a podcast, Mom Enough. Marti has been honored by numerous state and national organizations, including the Minnesota Psychological Association (Outstanding Contribution to Psychology Award, 2003) and the Minnesota School Psychologists Association (Distinguished Best Practices Award, 2003).

Marti served as visionary and co-director, with Christopher Watson, of the interdisciplinary Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Certificate Program.

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