Public Library Resources for Parents

NH Public Libraries Resources for Parents

In 2007, the New Hampshire Children’s Trust celebrated 20 years of “keeping children safe and families strong” by providing resources for communities to prevent child abuse and neglect. NHCT believes that the key to keeping children safe is by supporting parents. With this goal in mind, NHCT launched a statewide “Strengthening Families in Community Libraries Project.” The Family Resource Connection at the NH State Library has been an active partner in this project.

The objective of the Community Libraries Project is to provide essential information about parenting, managing day-to-day stress, nutrition, fitness, child behavior, and child development to each of the 105 participating public libraries in New Hampshire. Bearing in mind that most communities have a public library, NHCT hopes to strengthen the 160,000 New Hampshire families with children by providing parenting resources in a publicly accessible location—the public library.

Each sponsored NH public library received a portable rack with selected parenting resources, including information from community and statewide family support organizations, as well as other recommended parenting materials. In addition, each public library was given a 12-volume set of the nationally acclaimed “I Am Your Child” parenting DVD series produced by Rob Reiner, intended for use according to the needs of each local community.

Titles in the “I Am Your Child” Parenting DVD series include:

  • A Child with Special Needs
  • The First Years Last Forever
  • Preparing for Parenthood
  • Quality Child Care
  • Ready to Learn
  • Safe from the Start
  • Your Healthy Baby
  • Discipline: Teaching Limits with Love
  • Food and Fitness Matter: Raising Healthy, Active Kids!
  • Stop Smoking Now
  • To Be a Father
  • Why Early Childhood Matters