NH Fiddle Ensemble for Child Abuse Prevention 2015

Ellen Carlson, Main Fiddle Ensemble Coach

EXETER – Sounds of bluegrass, swing and rock filled the Exeter Town Hall last Saturday evening, all while raising $2,500 to prevent child abuse and neglect in NH.

The NH Fiddle Ensemble held one of their three NH concerts in Exeter from 7-10pm on Saturday April 11 benefitting NH Children’s Trust (NHCT). The performing fiddlers and audience members came from far and wide in the state and they range in age and expertise.

Ellen Carlson, the main Fiddle Ensemble coach, says, “We are business owners, veterinarians, school teachers, IT people, pilots, students, nurses, retired people, accountants, counselors, writers, electricians, realtors, studio engineers, stone masons, and so much more. Our youngest is five-years-old, our oldest 84-years-old.”

Audience members bopped in their seats, smiled during intermission and seemed to enjoy the wide variety tunes.

“We do music that is accessible to many. The form of folk music is fairly simple, with many options for expanding and perfecting,” says Carlson of the skill and style of music played. “My goal is to provide non-professional musicians a place to learn how to play in a group setting with a variety of musical styles and to experience the joy of playing with others.”

Proceeds from the well-attended event went to NHCT, the NH chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The concert was just one of many ways NHCT spread awareness to gain support for prevention methods.

“I am so grateful to my friend, Ellen Carlson, the other coaches, and the Ensemble for inviting us to spread our message of the importance of strong communities, family support and child abuse prevention,” says Keryn Bernard-Kriegl, NHCT Executive Director, “The Ensemble and the audience was full of loving, caring people who can make a difference for children.  We wouldn't have had the opportunity to engage this group had it not been for this partnership. We were also able to raise more than $2500 to support our community programs.”

NH Children’s Trust’s mission is to lead the drive to eliminate child abuse and neglect in our state. They believe all children can thrive in a safe, stable and nurturing community and family.