Guiding Principles

The New Hampshire Children’s Trust is guided by four overarching principles including Leadership; Collaboration and Lasting Change; Diversity and Respect; and Stewardship.

  • Leadership

    We provide the leadership necessary to advance our mission to eliminate child abuse and neglect. We seek partners, board members, staff and volunteers who are willing and able to speak out and take action on behalf of children.

  • Collaboration and Lasting Change

    We create opportunities for collaboration with parent leaders, community organizations, businesses and government to permanently embed prevention strategies in public policy and community action. Everyone has the potential to get involved and help shield our children from harm.

  • Diversity and Respect

    We embrace inclusiveness in all aspects of our organization from the people we serve and work with, to the ideas and solutions we develop and implement in support of our mission.  We strive to ensure cultural sensitivity and competency throughout our materials and activities.

  • Stewardship

    We invest in evidence–based programs and strategies, evaluation and continuous quality improvement to ensure the best use of resources and optimal outcomes for children and families.