Conference Materials

Substance Abuse During Pregnancy and Beyond

Wish you could watch the presentation again? Didn't get a chance to come to this Home Visitor's conference? We have your back! Below is a list of  materials from presenter workshops, a few hand outs and resources from vendors and an overview of the participant evaluations! Enjoy. 

Keynote Address: Dr. Benjamin Nordstrom

Facilitating Behavior Change: Effective Listening & Solution-Focused Dialogue

Farrah Deselle

Dual Diagnosis: Pregnant/Parenting Women with Addiction and Mental Illness

Annette Escalante

Mitigating Risks of Substance Exposed Infants

Dixie Morgese

DOUBLE SESSION: Handle with Care: Therapeutic Ways to Work with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Infants and Families

Dixie Morgese

Fetal Alcohol Exposure: What does it look like in the growing child?

Dr. Rebecca Ewing & Joyce Jorgenson

Understanding ACEs: Breaking the Cycle of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma

Jennifer Stout

Understanding the Consequences: Short- and Long-Term Effects of In-Utero Substance Exposures

Dr. Bonny Whalen


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