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  • Spare the child, not the rod

    The arrest of Adrian Peterson, star NFL football player, on charges that he abused his 4 year old son by hitting him with a stick and causing bruises and cuts, has led to discussions about the use of spanking with an object and when, or whether, this is acceptable. Clearly what happened to Peterson’s child is abusive. There were injuries to his hands, legs, buttocks, and scrotum. But what about spanking a child without causing injury? Or without using an object, just a hand?
  • Anxiety in kids, anxiety in parents

    We all have anxiety. It’s the necessary and natural tension that keeps us alert and oriented, responsive to the world in which we live ... But our brains and body chemistry are shaped by experience. This is why the infant who naturally babbles every sound of every language quickly loses the ability to make sounds that don’t occur in her language environment and grows up speaking only that language.

  • Separation anxiety: Back to school, not so cool

    In kindergarten, I ruled the school with my little disney-themed dresses and gender-neutral bowl cut. But, when first grade came along, I was petrified. The big bus, the big school, the big kids - it was all too much. 

  • Are you school ready?

    Before your child starts school, most learning happens during play. Being ready for school is more than knowing letters and numbers. Children need to feel secure at school and about being with others.

  • 'My baby cries ALL. THE. TIME.'

    My baby, Matthijs, cries ALL. THE. TIME...ALL. DAY, EVERY. DAY. As a parent, this is heart wrenching. He cries, moans, and screams and the worst part is that there is absolutely nothing that will soothe him. I just spent the last two years working for the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome where the main focus was to promote the educational/prevention program, the Period of PURPLE Crying.

  • My first "real world" experience

    There are many valuable lessons a father can teach his daughter, but the one thing that my father has taught me that I carry as essential to my happiness is that you must wake up and go to work and love what you do. You can spend anywhere from 40 to 60 hours a week working, so you better enjoy it. The women at New Hampshire Children’s Trust are incredibly passionate about their cause and doing anything they can to better the lives of children in New Hampshire. 

  • 92-year-old woman donates time, hats

    LACONIA – “Be patient, it will not last forever,” says 92-year-old mother of three, step-mother of two, grandmother of 11 and great-grandmother of 12 to new parents coping with excessive and frustrating infant crying.  Barbara Hayes has dealt with her fair share of crying babies and is passionate about passing on the message of the Period of PURPLE Crying to her community.

  • Child Sun Safety 101

    Getting too much sun can be dangerous, especially for children. Even children with dark skin need protection. Umbrellas and shade sometimes do not give enough protection. Protect your child in other ways, too.

  • Summer safety: Prevent a tragedy

    Summer sun, warm weather and more hours of daylight encourage way more outdoor play. What we've been waiting all (what seems like forever) winter! Not to be a "Debbie Downer" but, most of us know with these activities come some risk. So, just be prepared! Here's a list of simple tips that can keep you, your family and your community safer during the summer months.

  • School, Community Center use Protective Factors collaboratively

    HENNIKER – Kids in this small NH town can’t get anything past their parents, teachers or childcare professionals. But, lucky for them, all the adults in their life have one thing in common, they care.

    “We feel like we have a responsibility to be good partners to parents,” said Marc McMurphy, Executive Director of White Birch Community Center in Henniker.