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  • Interning at NH Children's Trust changed my life

    Being an intern at New Hampshire Children’s Trust has changed the way I perceive abuse and neglect. From the Strengthening Families training, I understand that abuse can stem from the most innocent of feelings, and it can be prevented by simple techniques. Before this internship, I might have seen a “grumpy” mother in the grocery store who is just upset with her child. Now, I see a mother who is tired, stressed, and unsure if she has the funds to feed her sweet child for the week.

  • Maintaining balance for children during the holiday season

    The holiday season comes with an abundance of emotions.  Whether you’re a parent, babysitter, aunt, uncle or grandparent, keeping these 5 Protective Factors  in mind will maintain balance and positivity for children during the most hectic time of the year.

  • Board member reflects 9 years of service

    I joined the board of directors of what was then called the New Hampshire Children’s Trust Fund in the spring of 2006, fresh out of law school and brand new to New Hampshire.  At the time, I had no children, but I had experience working in the non-profit world and a desire to get involved in my new community.  So, when a senior shareholder at my new law firm contacted me about joining the Children’s Trust Fund Board, I signed right up.

  • Briana

    Withdrawn mom finds success at Family Resource Center

    After having her first daughter at 16-years-old, Brianna dropped out of high school, and was later diagnosed with anxiety, bipolar disorder, and Attention Deficit Disorder. She explains, “being a single mom at a young age with very little help was very hard.” She connected with Easter Seals NH, a Family Resource Center, as a component of other therapies she was receiving.

  • 2014 Year in Review

    It’s December 2014 and we are 3/5 the way through our five-year plan.  Over the past three years, we have turned the soil, studied best practices, stocked our shed, selected, sowed, nurtured and cared for our seedlings.  And now, we are celebrating the fruits of our labor.

  • We applaud NFL for suspending Peterson

    All cases of child abuse are tragic. Unfortunately, it happens more often than we’d like inside and outside of the home.  We would like to applaud the National Football League for suspending Adrian Peterson without pay for allegedly abusing his son and violating their personal conduct policy.

  • Busy mom finds refuge in other parents, Coffee Talk and social media

    Parenting can be a lonely endeavor at times.  The children often save their worst behavior for you.  Lackluster school progress reports, rooms that never (ever, ever) get picked up like you’ve asked, charges from the teenager that you’re not as cool as you (think you) used to be… It can all get a parent down.

  • Why #GivingTuesday?

    For the last two years, #GivingTuesday has challenged individuals and communities to make the world a better place through generosity. The simple act of giving not only helps others, but also fundamentally connects you to the human family and nourishes a generous community spirit.

  • Protecting your Infant

    Listening to your baby cry can be heart-wrenching. We are brought up to feel not just responsible for our children, but also to relate to their emotions, and when they cry we can get sucked into their distress. Researchers call this emotional contagion and it is an important part of how humans relate to one another, especially in infancy. 

  • Spanking has dangerous outcomes

    No one said being a parent is an easy job.  As Dr. Wendy Gladstone pointed out in the Seacoast Sunday 8/21/14, disciplining children requires thoughtful responses to behaviors we want to discourage.  The practice of spanking children has been shown in numerous studies to be associated with many unexpected and damaging outcomes, not the least of which is heightened childhood aggression. And, what is even more disturbing is the fact that a majority of children are spanked as infants and toddlers.