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  • Safe Kids: Teens knit caps for infant abuse prevention

    RAYMOND - Teen students are taking a stand against child abuse to make a difference in the lives of NH babies. 

  • Five things to know about America's infants and toddlers

    Child Trends and the Robert R. McCormick Foundation recently issued The Youngest Americans, a comprehensive indicators-based portrait of the 12 million infants and toddlers (ages birth through two years) in the U.S. Drawing on emerging developmental science and new data sources, the report provides a revealing look at this most fragile, and most promising, stage of life.

  • Promoting the Protective Factors everyday

    We know that child development is largely influenced by early interactions with parents and caregivers; however, the community also plays a role in the story of child development. Access to quality healthcare, safe and affordable housing, quality early learning, afterschool programs and enrich- ing educational, cultural and spiritual experiences all help promote healthy child development.

  • Soothing a Crying Infant - Part 1

    Babies are a great joy to their parents and those who care for them! Sometimes though their crying can be challenging. Learning the facts about infant crying and ways to soothe your baby can help when crying becomes difficult to cope with.

  • Intern: 'I felt a part of something bigger'

    Coming into this internship, I had no prior experience with marketing and communication for a nonprofit organization. I also I had no knowledge of child abuse and neglect or how to advocate for children. 

  • Suggestions for Parents of Aggressive Children

    Parenting can be frustrating. Take a few notes from this article and relax, take a breath and learn to deal with difficult situations effectively.

  • Our Children Can't Wait

    It seems that incidents of parental wrong-doings are a regular item in the news.  Blame and hatred are spewed at individuals but not a lot of solutions come forth. 

  • Dr. David Schopick

    Fostering empathy in your children

    With today’s emphasis on technology, concerns have been raised that children are less empathetic.
    Technology has been blamed for an apparent growing lack of empathy because when life is lived through a video or computer screen, there is a sense of detachment. 

  • Family Resource Center empowers mom to be her family's advocate

    Katie was homeless when we she first met Michelle of Home Visiting New Hampshire (HVNH), a program of the FRC-CNH.  She had been referred to HVNH by Bridget of Whole Village Family Resource Center because she fit the program eligibility- under the age of 21 and pregnant for the first time. 

  • Volunteer for Autism Center honored

    Roger Kosits, a volunteer at the Lakes Region Community Services (LRCS) Family Resource Center’s Autism Center, was honored by the NH Children’s Trust with the Lucy Fowlkes Breed Family Service Volunteer Award.