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  • My Voice Matters: Mark Meister

    My Voice Matters: The squeaky wheel gets the oil

    Twenty-four years, seven children, four adoptions, dozens of IEP meetings and countless doctor’s appointments later, it’s safe to say that Mark and Catherine Meister have plenty of experience speaking up for their children. In fact, advocacy has become so engrained in their lives that it comes naturally.

  • Intern: "Every family has strengths."

     Finding the strengths in each family tells them you are on their side and do see the good – not just the bad. Social workers believe in finding the good in people and families and that is what the Strengthening Families Framework believes, too. 

  • Advocacy 101: My Voice Matters

    Children’s first and most important teachers are their parents, and that’s why NH Children’s Trust is working to empower parents to advocate for their children’s and families’ needs. Becoming an advocate might sound scary, but it’s really about parents using their voices for their children – something many people already do every single day.

  • 2015 Year in Review

    Every child in the Granite State deserves to have a great childhood. They are our future. Children thrive when they are raised in a strong, nurturing family and safe, caring community. 2015 was a great year for New Hampshire Children’s Trust.

  • A resolution worth keeping

    Every New Year, we make resolutions such as eating better, exercising more or quitting smoking. We make a deliberate decision to promote our health, quality of life and happiness. So this year, why don’t we resolve to strengthen our families? 

  • Ten gifts for families with young children

    Giving doesn’t have to be about dollar amounts. Helping parents when their children are young can be crucial for reducing stress and strengthening families. These are some of the gifts that give children truly great childhoods.

  • Thank you board member Anne Grassie for 9 years of service

    With more than 30 years in childcare, experience in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and on the Rochester school board, and nine years on New Hampshire Children’s Trust’s board of directors, it’s no wonder that Anne Grassie is considered a champion for children in the Granite State.

  • Op-Ed: Heroin’s innocent bystanders – Stifled voices and neglected needs

    We should be asking how we can support the mental health of people in our communities, including children impacted by substance abuse in their lives. How can we prevent the vicious cycle from continuing in our future generations?

  • Politics aside, NH leaders agree kids come first

    CONCORD – “Advocating for (your kids), you have to be like a ‘tiger mom’,” says U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) about making the best decisions for her family. In Governor Maggie Hassan’s case, she credits her involvement in politics to sticking up for her son Ben’s special needs and giving her her daughter Meg enough attention...

  • NHCT awarded Excellence in Nonprofit Management

    NH Children’s Trust recognized for excellence in nonprofit management

    On Sept. 18, NH Children’s Trust received the Excellence in Nonprofit Management Award, presented by the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation during NH Center for Nonprofits’ 2015 Nonprofit Leadership Summit.