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Kappa Delta: Strengthening families through the bonds of sisterhood

August 10, 2016

A word from our Summer 2016 interns, Emily and Anna.

A large part of my experience being a member of Kappa Delta Sorority at the University of New Hampshire has been our philanthropic efforts and community service. For the past five years, the Alpha Sigma chapter of Kappa Delta has hosted a silent auction and dinner to help raise money to help prevent child abuse. Eighty percent of our proceeds stay local and are donated to New Hampshire Children’s Trust, while the other 20% goes toward the national efforts of Prevent Child Abuse America. Each year, we raise more and more money to donate to this great cause.

The auction is a time when sisters are really working together toward a common goal – a successful event! This is similar to the ways that New Hampshire Children’s Trust works together with families toward a common goal – happy and healthy children. Team work and collaboration are important for building strong families and social connections. The better we all work together, the better our final product will be.

Interning at the New Hampshire Children’s Trust this summer has given me a new perspective on where the money Kappa Delta donates is going. I have had the experience of getting to see programs such as the My Voice Matters Campaign, taking a trip to the New Hampshire Prison to learn about the Family Connections Center Program, and even getting to become certified in the standards of quality training! It is really great getting to be on both sides of the story, both helping to raise the money being donated and seeing that money be put to good use and implemented in different ways.

Each semester, we invite local girl scout troops to come over to our house and we teach them the important skill of teamwork too. We do this by doing ice breakers, minute-to-win-it challenges, and by having conversations with them. They love coming to visit, and we love having them! During one of my first girl scout events, a scout who was visiting brought a gift for one of the sisters whom she remembered from the past semester. The girl scouts really look forward to coming over, and it’s really cool to see how we impact them in such a positive way. 

Another one of my favorite parts of being a member of Kappa Delta is our family made up of bigs and littles. A big sister is someone for the newest members to look up to and be a mentor for. My big always encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, apply for leadership positions, and try something new. My little, Sara, has become my best friend and truly makes every day brighter. Without my Kappa Delta family and all of the amazing friends I have made, I would have a lot fewer memories and a lot more sleep!

- Emily Tucker

Emily is a senior at the University of New Hampshire studying social work with minors in women's studies and sociology. She looks forward to serving her last semester as Alpha Sigma chapter of Kappa Delta's president.

We as sisters of Kappa Delta view our sisterhood as a family and are always looking to build better sisterhood bonds. We have found love and friendship through these strong bonds as sisters of Kappa Delta and want these same strong bonds for all families.

Through our work with our philanthropies, Prevent Child Abuse America and its New Hampshire chapter, NH Children’s Trust, we strive to help strengthen the bonds of all families to prevent child abuse and neglect in our country. This summer, I was fortunate to intern at NH Children’s Trust, an organization my sisters and I have worked with closely for the last couple of years. When our Alpha Sigma chapter president, Emily, announced the opportunity at a chapter meeting, I could not pass up the chance to work with this wonderful organization!

Over the past five years, the Alpha Sigma chapter of Kappa Delta and NH Children’s Trust have organized a silent auction and dinner to raise funds and awareness of child abuse and neglect in our country. I was fortunate enough through my college career to witness and experience four silent auctions as a Kappa Delta to benefit Prevent Child Abuse America and NH Children’s Trust.

The excitement begins months before the auction. Sisters work together to come up with creative and fun auction items to bid away. Local businesses, family members and parents contribute their time and resources to help. Sisters are coordinating and working closely together with New Hampshire Children’s Trust faculty on auction details to ensure the auction is a success. Together, the Alpha Sigma chapter of Kappa Delta and NH Children’s Trust have raised $73,000 over the past five years through our annual auction.

The sisters of the Alpha Sigma chapter of Kappa Delta want each child to grow up in a healthy and safe family environment. For this to be the norm in our country, it is our responsibility to work together with Prevent Child Abuse America to help strengthen the family. I have loved working with NH Children’s Trust this summer to help for this dream to become a reality.

- Anna Kerchner

Anna graduated from the University of New Hampshire with her bachelor's in family studies and a minor in education. This fall, she will begin nursing school.