We are Prevent Child Abuse America's state chapter

New Hampshire Children's Trust became the state chapter of Prevent Child Abuse America in 2004.

Prevent Child Abuse America's Network of 50 nationwide state chapters are critical to the successful realization of the national mission. While defined by their shared focus on the prevention of child abuse and neglect, and similar in many of the activities they support and implement - advocacy, public awareness, training/education, prevention programming, coalition building, and Child Abuse Prevention Month activities among others - PCA America's state chapters are also independent of one another and unique in terms of the kinds of strategies and programming they offer.

Please note, PCA America only charters one chapter per state and our chapters not only share our mission, but are statewide in focus, and adhere to the same common criteria and required elements. To see a list of the criteria and common elements please click here.

Did you miss "Awaken to Change - The National Conference for America's Children?" Do you wish you had access to the wealth of information shared by the terrific speakers who joined us for the conference? Well if so, we are happy to let you know that the information is now available to you at the following link and will remain available for future reference. Please take a look, please share it, and please plan on joining us for our next national conference.

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Banishing Bullying Behavior and the Culture of Peer Abuse

Early Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention Using the Care for Kids Program

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