Family Resource Centers of Quality

Family Support NH is pleased to provide this page as a resource to family support and strengthening programs seeking Family Resource Center of Quality (FRC-Q) designation. The Wellness and Primary Prevention Council of the NH legislature is charged with overseeing the designation process.

Chapter 126-M is the legislation that established the Wellness and Primary Prevention Council. It was amended in 2015 to expand the Council's role to include designation of FRC-Qs with SB161, which was enacted into law in August 2015.  

The document "Family Resource Centers - Vehicles For Change" explains the need to establish a process to designate Family Resource Centers of Quality:

"In recent years many initiatives, funding sources and programs have used the term 'family resource center' to describe what they do. The broad use of this term has at times created confusion on the part of program staff, administrators, funders, community members and consumers of service. The purpose of this document is to define the key characteristics and activities of quality family resource centers, describe how they function as a vehicle for change for families and communities, and help policymakers and funders 'make the case' for the family resource center approach to providing family support services."  

Supporters of family resource centers and family support and strengthening programs wished to establish a way that families, funders, policy makers and other community members could easily identify FRC-Qs and know what to expect from programs that carry this designation. The goal is to create a sustainable system of FRC-Qs across New Hampshire.
Designating family resource centers of quality will create confidence in families, funders and staff of these programs and raise professionalism in the programs and the field. It is an important strategic step forward in defining and promoting quality practice. Family Resource Centers of Quality are distinguishable because of the scope and depth of the services they provide, their commitment to the Principles of Family Support and the Strengthening Families Framework, and not defined by any one or even multiple funding sources.
We hope this page will serve as a resource to Family Support NH members and others who wish to explore this process. For more information about the Wellness and Primary Prevention Council you may contact the Chair, Representative John Fothergill or the chair of the advisory group of the Council, which assists the WPPC with the designation process.
Forms below are edited periodically. Additionally there is a version of the Standards of Quality Self-Assessment that is a PDF fillable form.   If you would like to be kept informed of revisions or receive the electronically fillable Standards of Quality Self-Assessment please contact Maria Doyle
Updated December 2, 2016
FRC-Q Designation Process Forms: