2014 Summit Presenter Materials

Wish you could watch the presentation again? Didn't get a chance to come to The Summit this year? We have your back! Below is a list of materials provided by some participating presenters'  and some general Strengthening Families materials.

Keynote Address

Speaker: Dr. Robert Ammerman

Transforming Science into Strategy - A Multidisciplinary Model for Perinatal Mood Disorder Screening and Review of Innovation Maternal-Infant Programs

Speaker: Alison Palmer

Family Strength Requires Maternal and Family Support in the Postpartum Period

Speaker: Debbie Chalk

Maternal Depression Screening and Referral - A Community Approach

Speaker: Catherine McDowell

When Darkness Falls - Coping with Maternal Anxiety and Intrusive, Scary Thoughts

Speaker: Gerry Mitchell

Parental Awareness: A Cognitive Buffer for Anxiety and Depression

Speaker: Leo Sandy & Scott Meyer

Breaking the Building Blocks of Stress with Mindfulness, Insight, and Understanding

Speaker: Shanti Douglas

Utilizing Brazelton Touchpoints to Strengthen Parent-Child-Provider Relationships

Speaker: Cathy Kuhn

General Strengthening Families materials